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What’s new all you Tumblrs? I miss you all! I moved from Philly to Montana, yes, Montana, last November. Love it here. It’s beautiful! Please tell me how you all are doing?? xoxoxo

queerusako-queue-only said: Push her down the stairs while screaming "YOU WORTHLESS SHIT IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO" and i think she'll get the hint

If ONLY!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Love that idea, haha!!!

Anonymous said: He Blythe do you have Instagram?

I did, but not anymore. I don’t dig their privacy policies.

sassyest said: I would calmly tell her that you can't deal with how she acts and that it isn't exactly going to keep working if she acts the way she does. And that it isn't fair to you to allow her into your home if she's going to be disrespectful. Its yours, and you own it, so you have the absolute right to do as you wish. It really sucks though, I'm sorry :(

Thank you. That sounds like a very good way to handle things. I appreciate it!

And you are so right!! It is MY damn house!! I shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable or even ask to use my own living room!!

foxnewsofficial said: you rock blythe!!


first-class-cunt said: Blythe, I just want to say how much I love you and how glad I am that someone as great as you is on tumblr!

I love you!! Thank you!!! You’re so sweet :))

Anonymous said: blythe you should get online more :( :( we miss you :(

I know!! You’re right. I miss the time with you ALL!!! Xoxo. I’ll try harder!

easymac420 said: Hope you're doing okay Bylthe. Much love and have a great day. :)

Thank you, Darlin’!!! xoxo


I need your help, my Lovelies… I thought I was being financially smart & got a roommate. A woman I work with who seemed okay. Turns out she’s a nightmare to live with and possibly a little on the crazier side of normal, good, crazy. She just stormed off to her room like a 6 year old because I wanted to use my own living room. I need suggestions of nice ways to tell her it’s not going to work out. Ideas? xo

frickers said: have a wonderful holiday, Blythe :)

You, too, Sunshine!! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said: what are you doing on Christmas, Blythe? any big plans?

I hosted my family for dinner tonight. So much fun! All the hard work & stress TOTALLY worth it. Now sitting in the living room with no lights on except for the tree. In my happy place.
Tomorrow, I’ll go see my 92 year old Nana and spend time with my little love, Lucy. Maybe even hang with the on-again/off-again fella. Either way, all good things.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!! XOXOXOXOX

prostitourettes said: did you die?


Anonymous said: just wanted to say you are awesome and happy holidays :) I hope you are doing well

Aww, thanks!! I am doing fab and am so excited for Christmas! I hope you are doing awesome! xoxoxo

Merry Merry

I’ve been crazy busy, my lovely lovelies, but I wanted to wish each and every one of you the Merriest Christmases EVER!! I hope wherever you are and whatever you do for the holidays that you’re surrounded by love and happiness!!

Love you ALL!!